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Cold and Blue with Mantas
I left my wallet in El Segundo!
I left my wallet in El Segundo!

Banta Categories

All Work & No Waves Towel


coming soon

Banta on the Beach

$36.00 or $45.00

A luxurious heavyweight beach towel to keep the sand and barnacles off.


Banta shirts and hats make me feel just like a Smurf!



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BANTA apparel was imagined while waiting for waves one day while surfing… BANTA loves sea life and the absurd. Our surf team is very solid and diverse. Dolphins, sharks, starfish and manatees ride for us. The manatee represents our brand best, because it just hangs out and chills in the water. And we like to enjoy the water like manatees do when we aren’t working on BANTA. The manatee is slightly overweight, is approachable and easy to hangout with. Banta is filled with ideas that are self deprecating and fun! We chose the tagline, “Down with the Ship” because we stay with the ship. No matter what! We support friends, artists, sealife, etc. however we can. BANTA!